The aim of the Youth Groups are to promote healthy learning through fun and enjoyable weekly sessions.  We are here to try to answer questions that all youths have and to provide learning opportunities to youths who want to learn aspects of the Indian Culture and how it relates to the modern day life.  We aim to include elements of ‘scientific spirituality’ which is universal and helps to provide logical explanations.

We try to make the weekly sessions fun and enjoyable for everyone who attends, but we also incorporate learning.  The youth groups are open to sensible suggestions about activities from the youth that attend, so the youth groups are set around what the youth actually find interesting.

BSS (Bal Sanskar Shala) is the designed for children from pre-school age to when they start Secondary School.  During the ages of 10-11 years, they transition into GPYG (Gayatri Pariwar Youth Group) which is designed for youth between the ages of 11-18 years, where they are normally attending secondary school or college in the UK.  The youth of Gayatri Pariwar at university participate virtually and attend sessions during their holidays.

Currently, BSS Youth Group sessions run regularly in Leicester, Coventry, Oxford and Crawley.  The sessions are free and open to all regardless of ethnicity, religion and gender.  The youth sessions normally take place every weekend and they usually run during term-time.  At the moment we are incorporating activities like: 

  • Arts and crafts
  • Games
  • Discussions
  • Debates
  • Presentations
  • Reading literature
  • Yoga
  • Music including tabla, keyboard and singing session
  • Drama
  • Confidence building

Our GPYG members are encouraged to develop their skills by taking on extra responsibilities like helping to arrange activities, preparing presentations, writing newsletters, and taking lead of various projects.  We are aware that older youths have different interests and therefore the activities we have for them are more suitable for their age group.

The GPYG continues to grow, and over time we hope to provide more activities taking place daily or weekly.  Currently, apart from weekly Youth Sessions, we have weekly online discussions and yoga sessions.  In addition, we are planning to introduce weekly sport sessions in the near future.  We've already held several youth camps and we will continue to have them in the future.

We welcome you all to attend, and to bring your family and friends too.  If you wish to contribute some time to help support us, then please do get in contact, or pop in to one of our Youth sessions when possible.

All of our youth group leaders have also been DBS checked.

For more information, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.