The effects of yagya are not confined to the removal of atmospheric pollution and medicinal purification. It is only the gross facet. The sublime effects are more intensive and amazing – prominent among these is the parjanya.

Parjanya implies sublime showers of streams of vital energy and spiritual strength from the cosmic layers (higher space). As the natural fertilizers add to the potency of soil, the unique confluence of mantra-shakti, thermal force and sublimated herbal energy in yagya also elevates the vital energy in the atmosphere while purifying the air. This praña is dissolved in the air. We inhale it with oxygen by inner determination during the deep breathing yoga-exercises of prañayma. The flow of fresh air in the morning is found to be rich in prana. The larger the scale of yagyas and longer their duration, the greater would be these sublime and gross effects.

The parjanya generated by yagya augments the level of prana in the air. This effect is dense around the yagya and is also pervaded in the wider space and continues to expand with the flow of air with the process of yagya. If we pour some oil drops in a pot containing water, soon the oil would spread on the entire surface of water. In a similar way, the energy of yagya expands all around in the open space. Its praña is also dissolved in the rain, enshowered through the energized space and thus gets absorbed in the soil and the crops and vegetation. The soil irrigated by it is found to be more fertile and the grains, fruits, vegetables grown there are tasty and have higher nutritious potency. The milk of the cows, which graze the grass grown on such land is also of excellent quality. Drinking the milk and eating the fruits, vegetables energized by yagya increases our stamina, resistance against infections and diseases, our vital power, courage and mental trenchancy.

In fact the cosmic flow of praña is omnipresent in the subliminal realms of Nature. This is what enables all activities, movements and evolution. Because of its presence, all creatures are called praña. This is the source of our vital strength. If it were present in substantial amount in the body, a visible lean and skinny fellow would also be very strong and healthy. Its elevated levels are expressed in mental radiance, intellectual trenchancy and talents. Its alleviation on the contrary, would turn a chubby, fat, visibly healthy chap rather weak, lethargic and dull. Reduction of this subtle energy in the plants and trees would diminish the shining beauty of flowers, potency and nutritious power of the fruits, vegetables and grains. Decreased levels of praña in the air, despite substantial amount of oxygen would lessen its vitality. Even deep breathing of this otherwise ‘fresh’ air would not have desired healthy effects. People living at such places are found to lack vital strength, resistance and mental trenchancy. The parjanya educed by yagya compensates for this deficiency.

The parjanya of yagya energizes the surrounding atmosphere with intense flow of cosmic praña. The holy Gita mentions this as the ‘rain’ of parjanya – generated by yagya, which is enshowered from the sublime domains in cosmic expansion and which sustains the life and vigour of all living beings and induces new zeal and delight in every dimension.