Swadhaya - the study of self in the light of the thoughts of elevated souls - is a principal means of ascent in human life.  It augments knowledge, enlightens the mind and helps purifying the character and awakening the inner self.  It is a kind of Sadhana (devout endeavour) that ensures Siddhi (supreme success). Swadhaya is necessary for preeminent progress and happiness in life.  Adoption of this as an integral part of daily routine gradually sharpens the intellect, nurtures discerning thoughts and wisdom and illuminates the inner self.  Therefore we must cultivate the habit of reading inspiring thoughts and works of great personalities and edifying scriptures and contemplate over what is read and also try disseminating it among others.


Akhand Jyoti Swadhyaya Club

Swadhayaya sessions normally take place on Wednesday evenings in English/Hindi/Gujarati.
Specific Chapters from Akhand Jyoti and Yug Shakti Gayatri are read & discussed.

All are welcome!

All are invited to contribute!

Come along and participate!

If you require any further information about these weekly sessions, then please contact The Gayatri Centre on 0116 266 9902 or 07736 467010, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..