Life Changing Podcasts From The Light Divine


Have you heard about the latest initiative from Gayatri Pariwar Youths?  If not, you're definitely missing out!  The podcasts being produced are absolutely amazing and are having a huge positive impact to our listeners all around the world.

The Pragya Podcasts were launched on the festival of Vasant Panchmi in January 2020 and have been a significant success. The podcasts consist of audio recordings of articles from the bi-monthly Akhand Jyoti magazine and cover a range of topics across the themes of Personality Development, Health & Well-Being and Science & Spirituality. New podcasts are released on a weekly basis, and are available to listen via Spotify or Podbean, as well as through the website. Since the launch in January 2020, the number of followers has continued to increase by the day and we currently have followers from a number of countries around the globe.

Check out all the podcasts currently available