One Year Gayatri Abhiyan Sadhana
From 1st June 2020 (Gayatri Jayanti) to 21st June 2021 (Nirjala Ekadashi)


Humanity is passing through difficult times as the current pandemic has created a worldwide havoc. Shantikunj has requested devotees to join in a one-year Gayatri Abhiyan Sadhana that can bless the sadhak with exceptional powers of Gayatri mantra which bestow divine protection; help accomplish personal transformation and reach new spiritual heights; and make one experience blissful divine atmosphere all around.

Sadhaks (devotees) will perform this sadhana from home. They don’t need to go to Shantikunj to do this sadhana. The purpose of sending names to Shantikunj is to offer prayers in Shantikunj to seek divine protection for them and to rectify any mistakes made in sadhana.

How to perform Gayatri Abhiyan Sadhana?

It involves 5,00,000 Gayatri mantra jap (chanting) to be completed in a year as follows:

Daily 10 malas
On Sundays, 15 malas
On Ekadashi, 24 malas
In Navratris 24 malas a day for 10 days (including the 10th day of the month to Navratri).
Navratri dates are 22 June to 1 July 2020; 17-26 October 2020; 12-21 April 2021.

The sadhak can have normal routine and doesn’t need to observe any special rules except on Ekadashis and in Navratris. On Ekadashi, one should observe fasting and consume only satvik food like milk, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, etc. Try to have food only once a day. Those who are unable to do so can eat twice a day.

Alternative ways to accomplish the Gayatri Abhiyan sadhana:

Those who find the above routine too rigorous can opt for one of the following easier ways:

11 malas daily and 24 malas on Sundays (or any other convenient day of the week)
14 mala daily

Purnahuti havan should be done at the end of sadhana (21st June 2021).