This day is considered to be very significant in Indian Culture and the spiritual world.  Traditionally, this Parva is celebrated to augment and strengthen the faith and devotion of the disciple in his guru – the spiritual teacher

When the consciousness of guru energizes the inner psyche of the disciple, the latter becomes capable of achieving anything.  However, every task of the guru is unique and strange and his wish and love are also extraordinary.  It is this wish that makes the disciple attain great heights. Only a dedicated disciple can fulfil the wish of an Enlightened Guru and this task is possible only by keeping the spirit of total surrender, which alone attracts the love of Guru.

May this Guru Poornima bring in the lives of all of us, Pragya Parijans, the intense aspiration, faith and devotion to fulfil the wish of our Gurudev – ushering in of a new era of love, light and bliss – so that we get his love and blessings.

Specific event details will be available soon.