Gayatri's world famous place of pilgrimage, Shantikunj is situated in the vicinity of Ganga, at the foothills of Himalayas, and in the scenic surroundings of Haridwar.  It is a kind of spiritual sanatorium where anyone can take advantage of its extraordinary spiritual ambience, power and guidance that can help them in augmenting their physical, mental and spiritual health. 

shantikunjThere is a magnificent temple of Mother Gayatri and the idols of seven famous sages. Various ancient traditions of Indian Culture which were pioneered by rishis (sages) have been revived here and restored to their former glory.  So far millions of spiritual seekers have taken part in regular camps focused on Sadhana and have benefitted from novel inspirations and divine blessings.

Gayatri yagya is solemnised daily in three huge yagya-shalas.  Thousands of devotees take part in yagya everyday.  All sanskars or sacraments of Indian Culture—Annaprashan (starting to feed a baby with solid food), Mundan (tonsure ceremony), Vidyarambha (initiation of schooling), Yagyopaveeta (sacred thread ceremony), Vivah (marriage ceremony),  and Shraddha (the rites after the death) are solemnised free of charge.  Many people participate in sanskars, inspired by their practical philosophy.

Shantikunj promotes the Ayurveda tradition developed by Rishi Charak and has a huge herbal medicine garden containing more than 300 types of rare herbal medicinal plants.  There are also some plants representing various planets and constellations.

Herbal therapy is being offered here. It is very cheap, easy to use and free of any side effects.  Pragyapeya made of 14 different herbs is popularly used, in India and abroad, as an alternative to tea.  It has also helped many people to overcome to their addiction to drugs. 

Spiritual pursuits of Sadhana and daily worship are generally regarded as a matter of personal faith.  Can they be verified by science?  Brahmavarchas Research Institute, the scientific research arm of Shantikunj, has been conducting various scientific experiments and research studies on the concepts and practices of spiritual science.  It uses ultra-modern scientific equipment to substantiate their validity and re-establish their practices.  The effect of mantra chanting, meditation, pranayama, yagya, etc... have been put through various rigorous scientific tests and the proved scientific basis of these entities has enthused millions of rational minds to have faith in scientific spirituality and accept it.

Shantikunj resolutely believes in and devotedly works towards its fundamental aim revealed in its motto;  “If we change, the world will change.  If we reform, the world will reform.”   It is such a kind of establishment that can be regarded as Yug Teertha (the place of pilgrimage of fulfilling the need of the current era), in a true sense.