Pujya Gurudev wasn't contented with merely writing and publishing philosophical articles.  He was eager to test them out using modern scientific equipment and experiments, and convey its findings to the intellectuals.  This intense desire of him unfolded in the form of Brahmavarchas Research Institute which came into being in 1978-79.  This research institute which is totally dedicated to Scientific Spirituality is the only one of its kind in the entire world.  It carries out critical analytic research studies as well as scientific experiments on spiritual principles and practices.  For two decades since its inception, its efforts and scientific findings have restored faith of many, in India and abroad, in spirituality.

Brahmavarchas Research Institute has a big dedicated team of highly qualified intellectuals having scientific background engaged in research studies.  It also benefits from expert guidance on carrying out research in various subjects.  Many research projects have been successfully accomplished in more than 20 subjects including Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Sanskriti (Culture), Yoga, Ayurveda Science, literature, Sanskar (sacraments), Gayatri, Yagya, music, etc. under the expert guidance of its Director Dr Pranav Pandya.  It has received a widespread commendation from the world of scientific research for its high quality and pioneering contribution.  There is also some in-depth research work going on in Vedic Science, Ayurveda, Water Therapy, the Science of Mantra and, Yoga Sadhana.  It wouldn't be a slight exaggeration to say that its findings are really going to amaze the intellectuals all over the world!

  • A laboratory equipped with ultra-modern scientific equipment to undertake scientific studies on Yoga and Spiritual practices. There are 24 temples with 24 idols of Gayatri to integrate various power streams of Gayatri Maha-vidya.
  • A huge reference library containing some rare reference books to help logical portrayal of scriptural beliefs.
  • A well-organized team of scientific and philosophical experts of various disciplines.
  • Research on the effect of Shabda-shakti (the power of uttered and non-uttered words) on one's own self as well as in far away cosmos.
  • Study being undertaken to examine the effects of spiritual energy of yagya on human body and mind, creatures, vegetation, environment and subtle world.
  • Measuring mental tension and depression using bio-feedback equipment and alleviating it using high-level spiritual communication.
  • Using systematic rendering of Vedic mantras, Indian music ragas (melodies) and Sama-gaan (singing Veda mantras) to calm down mental tension and to impart empowering inspirations that can facilitate individual's all-inclusive progress.
  • Rejuvenating Pancha-kosha (five dimensions of our personality) and awakening Shat (six) Chakras by augmenting Prana spiritual energy.